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Our Services


Research, Strategy & concept

Opentech planning strategy enables businesses to fully realize their digital brand vision through a combination of creativity, intelligence and a strong strategic approach for long-term results.

Leveraging insights and best practice from over 80 apps, our strategy team navigates clients through the world of web, mobile, TV apps and social media, bringing ideas that drive business objectives to life.

We work in partnership with our clients to develop innovative strategies to put them at the forefront of engaging with their customers through mobile.

We’ll help you identify opportunities in your business where the mobile will bring benefits.

We also help you think about ways to help your customers stay engaged, make a decision, perform tasks and stay up to date.



Graphic Design, UI/UX

Our creative team design exceptional, intuitive user interfaces across Web, Mobile and TV and Social Media platforms.


We understand the aspirations and expectations of multi-media users and work with our clients to develop an outstanding customer experience.

We also understand the importance of standards and compliance; no matter how nice it looks, you still need to ensure your application gets the necessary approval. We’ve consulted on international web and mobile standards, produced accessibility-award winning applications, and achieved top rankings for SEO-targeted search terms. We help our clients attract more visitors to their applications, increasing visibility; this can dramatically improve our clients ability to meet there online targets.



Cross Media, Cross Platform


Since 2009, our in-house development team of experts is building cross-platform apps, native and mobile web apps, Facebook applications and TV applications for major clients.

We help our clients to reach the widest market on a multi media and single application approach.

We’re an application development agency who excels at creating exciting cross media initiatives.


Web Development:

We have extensive system development experience with LAMP stack and PHP/MySQL technologies.

We believe in building websites that reflect our client’s business and services transparently and competently. Our web development professionals follow a custom web design approach that involves walking through the client’s requirements thoroughly and developing a website that acts a gateway to attract business opportunities. Opentech strives to achieve a perfect blend of high-end functionality, user friendliness, originality in look & feel, appealing graphics, impactful web content, and impressive branding while designing your company’s website. The role of our web development team does not end with delivering an excellent website, we lay a profound importance on website management & maintenance, which offers a scope to incorporate the latest technological trends in the future, and result-oriented Search Engine Optimization methods that enhance your company’s Web presence.


Mobile Development:

Our team of experienced software engineers has completed multi-platform projects for iPhone, iPAD , Android and Windows Phone.

Our experience in developing native mobile applications as well as server-based websites allows us to provide our clients with complete and robust solutions. Our knowledge and experience in data-security and encryption allows us to write applications clients requiring data security and encryption.


TV – Samsung Smart TV, LG applications:

Interactive Television is one of the most important trends in new media. The market is developing incredibly quickly and shows remarkable future potential – providers create new revenue channels and reach new and old target groups. In the future, the supply chain of content providers, media distributors and advertising firms will be radically changed by the transport of content via the Internet directly to televisions.

Customers have recognized this trend and start to integrate web-based portals in their products. By adapting web content to this new medium it becomes possible for messages to assume their full effect. Through the growing sales of ITV-ready televisions, access to ITV is automatically expanding at a remarkable rate. At Opentech we have taken this challenge to supply a full multimedia solution platform to our customers.


Social media:

Opentech is a fast growing social networking application Development Company which has had a fair experience of developing a good number of Facebook applications. These days’ social networking sites have become a medium of expression for both business owners and normal people. Even those business houses that manage their operations through offline modes use social networking sites to promote themselves. Countless clients have capitalized the benefit of our expertise and understanding for innovative Facebook Application Development.




Distribution & Maintenance


Our strategy team leverage reporting and analytics tools to present clients with updates and enhancements to future mobile development.

We assist our clients in keeping up-to-date with new digital technologies and concepts.

We also remove the hassle of distributing your app across multiple app stores, with our PR team on hand to help spread the word. Our strategy team leverage reporting and analytics tools to present clients with updates and enhancements to future mobile development.